Our 7.6 acre youth farm is located on 46th Street, just east of Post Road. We use a cooperative business model to empower young people with knowledge and skills to grow food as a foundation to build a sustainable community. Students work together to operate the farm and farm stand with a mission to serve the neighborhood with affordable access to organic produce and donations to pantries for those who are food insecure. We offer a safe space for all people, where healing can take place while connecting to the earth.


In December 2016, LCG met with Monarch Beverage to propose using their unused land to grow food for the nearby pantries. Monarch was excited to partner with us and immediately stepped up to help us get going. Our Founder lives just a few blocks away from the property and remembers when they built the center. She also remembers when it use to be farm land. It seemed that our missions to promote community and environmental sustainability aligned perfectly with their desire to give back to the community.


Teamwork is critical to the success of the garden! By supporting the mission of Lawrence Community Gardens you help get the greater population in touch with the community and with the earth. Gardening is scientifically proven to be therapeutic so we are confident that our gardens will boost the morale of every person it touches, and will allow them to learn valuable gardening skills that benefit their own families. By supporting our mission to grow our own food and to teach others how to grow food, we are going to help teach thousands of people how to save money, eat better and they will learn how to never be hungry.

If you are interested in helping us empower people to become more active, learn to grow their own food, and to have access to better, healthier food choices please give us a call, or email. It would be a blessing if you could help to spend the word about the good stuff Lawrence Community Gardens is doing! Please donate or volunteer today!



Many hands make light work! We are always looking for new friends and are willing to exchange labor for produce!

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We are committed to growing food for community and growing opportunity to sustain the garden through youth entrepreneurship.

Roadside Farm Stand
Open Monday - Friday, and Saturday
8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
Open yearly From June 15 - October 1

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